Hey I'm Kelly and I'm on a life long journey to be physically and mentally fit as f*ck.

I'm not always this way and the reason I'm on a journey is because your health and fitness is not a destination, like life its a journey. Are you ready to make it one hell of a ride? 

I am a marketing & communications specialist by trade, after working in the corporate world and drinking myself to near death (more about that later), I decided that after having my little boy, returning to the work hard, play harder world was not for me.

So,  I set up my own freelance marketing company, OMM (Outsourced Marketing Management) to help SME's holistically manage their marketing and communication needs. I thought it would be great, working on client projects that I chose not what was part of the company strategy I previously worked for. Running my own diary, being my own boss. 

I was wrong. I quickly found myself slave to client demands, working more hours than I did in corporate world and putting my baby in full-time childcare - which was exactly the reason I didn't want to go back to the rat race. 

Then, I started working on my own health and fitness, slowly trying to lose the baby weight I'd delayed losing for nearly 3 years and when I did, my world changed. 

I realised, I could still follow my career and help people with something deeply personal at the same time - becoming their best self. Its a f*cking joy to watch my clients find their own and get their sass back.

So, I re-trained as a personal trainer specialising in behaviour change and mental wellness. This is a subject close to my heart and imperative I manage for myself. After-all, I was a raving addict alcoholic with no clue in life until I got sober and started living over 5 years ago.

I've battled with mental health and being diagnosed bi-polar have learnt to manage my wellbeing and life (to the best of my ability) when someone is hard-balling lemons at you. 

I know what it takes to pull yourself out of the gutter, start again and come out on top.